Naturally Perfect

Our cashews are a gift from nature, grown
without haste, and nurtured by the monsoons and sunshine of Konkan. They're as
natural as it gets.

Crafted with Love

From the hands of our farmers to your table, every Nutmogri cashew is
a labor of love. It's the taste of Konkan, wrapped in warmth and care.

Good for the Earth

We believe in giving back more than we take.
Our practices ensure that we're not just kind to your taste buds but to the
planet as well.

A Taste of Luxury

When you choose
Nutmogri, you're choosing a snack that's premium, not just in taste, but in
experience. It's the luxury of indulging in the purest form of nature

Empowering Communities

Behind every Nutmogri pack is a community of
farmers thriving, growing, and smiling, thanks to you. With every bite, you're
part of their story too.

Heart-Healthy Snacking

Our cashews aren't just delicious; they're
packed with protein, energy, and good vibes, keeping your heart happy and