Nutmogri about

Nutmogri'sTale: From the Heart of Konkan to Your Home

Imagine a place where the sun kisses the
earth, where the air is filled with the scent of rain and fresh nuts, and where
the rhythm of nature dictates the pace of life. This is Konkan, India's hidden
gem, a land lush with verdant landscapes and rich traditions. Here begins our
story, the story of Nutmogri.

Our Roots

In Konkan, every tree, every leaf, and every
nut has a story. It's a story of harmony with nature, of generations of farmers
who have tended the earth with respect and love. Nutmogri is born out of this
love—a love for the land, its people, and the delectable cashews that are our

Our Journey

Our journey is not just about bringing you the
finest cashews from Konkan. It's about reviving the age-old connection between
humans and nature. A connection that fills our lives with joy, health, and
purity. Every Nutmogri cashew is a piece of Konkan's soul, handpicked and
prepared with care, carrying the essence of our land straight to your heart.